Agnes Duerrschnabel

 Nome e Cognome: Agnes Duerrschnabel
Provenienza: Como,Italy

Partecipazione Matres

Titolo dell’opera: NINE MIDENS – Homage to Iranian Amlash potters
Dimensioni dell’opera: 15 x 25 cm
Tecnica e/o descrizione dell’opera: Installation. Hand modeled with different clays (black, red, beige / white) 1010 ° C.

I grew up in Germany, so geographically quite close to those areas of northern Europe (Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Andean countries) – where 7000-3500 BC the great sacred stone circles were erected, the “StandingStones” or “Nine Maidens” which still today they stand the test of time and that I was able to admire in part during my travels. Not always, but a lot often the number of stones composing the circle is 9, a sacred number because 3 times a multiplod of the sacred 3, number par excellence of the Great Goddess with a triple aspect: maiden / virgin, mother, sage / death.

I liked the idea of creating a link between this “Goddess of stones” from the lands of
North and its manifestations in the Mediterranean, more sunny but ideally identical.
Thanks to the Iranian artist DornaAbyak and the Pandora Artiste Ceramiste association,
during the lockdown I discovered the ancient zoomorphic pottery of the period
Iranian Amlash (2000 BC). Their elegant, abstract, incredibly shapes
modern ones immediately struck me and I wanted to get closer to their creators (they are
certain that they are women!) trying to create / interpret some of their models.
Making these small sculptures was a bit like meeting the authors of the originals of 4000 years ago: we had similar problems to solve in the realization
our tools, our gestures and perhaps ours were also of the same shapes and similar
thoughts. It was a really exciting and difficult experience to describe a
words – those who create with their hands will surely understand me.
My “Maidens” are biologically incorrect, androgynous doe: they have both le
horns, as a sign of their strength and vitality, that small breasts, a symbol of nourishment
and hospitality. All three aspects of the Great Goddess are represented in the group: there
they are maidens or virgins of lighter or white color, mother doe in earthenware
red and finally black doe, wise companions to new life through the journey
of death.

Partecipazione Artè

Titolo dell’opera: Tracks – 2020
Dimensioni dell’opera: 7 cm h x 10 cm ø approx.
Tecnica e/o descrizione dell’opera: Japanese Tatara technique. Plate modeled porcelain with gypsum support. Jun enamel, oxides and colored pigments, opaque white enamel, enamel pigments and wash. Firing in an electric oven at 1240 ° C.
Descrizione Personale: 

Agnes Duerrschnabel was born in Germany and arrived in Italy in 1987. She is a designer of ceramic materials and professional trainer. She is fascinated by the beauty and the signs of aging in objects. He collects lived natural finds that he often combines with his stoneware and porcelain works. She is quite curious, she loves stories and above all life. Over the years he has participated in numerous national and European exhibitions and continues to do so. She lives on the lake in a house that can only be reached on foot and works in his atelier in Como, in the walls of the ancient convent of Santa Margherita

Agnes Duerrschnabel è nata in Germania e arrivata in Italia nell‘87. E‘ designer di materie ceramiche e formatrice professionale, a volte anche interprete e celebrante laico-umanista. E‘ affascinata dalla bellezza e dai segni del tempo negli oggetti. Raccoglie reperti naturali vissuti che spesso abbina ai suoi lavori in gres e porcellana. E‘ abbastanza curiosa, ama le storie e soprattutto la vita. Nel corso degli anni ha partecipato a numerose mostre nazionali ed europee e continua a farlo. Vive sul lago in una casa che si raggiunge solo a piedi e lavora nel proprio atelier a Como, nelle mura dell‘antico convento Santa Margherita.