Antonella Cimatti

Partecipazione Artè

Titolo dell’opera: Seapot, 2011
Dimensioni dell’opera: h 38 cm
Tecnica e/o descrizione dell’opera: Self glazing porcelain paperclay, gold, coral lid knob, temp. 1260°C. Glass base.

First Prize ex-aequo, Seapot-teapot competition 2011, Portugal.
Public acquisition. Ambasciata d’Italia a Lisbona, Portugal (2011).
Photo by Raffaele Tassinari.

 Nome e Cognome: Antonella Cimatti
Provenienza: Faenza, Italy

Partecipazione Matres

Titolo dell’opera: Waves – Onde, 2016
Dimensioni dell’opera: Porcelain dimensions vary, coloured wood 200 x 200 cm
Tecnica e/o descrizione dell’opera: Porcelain paperclay and handbuilt flowers in glazed porcelain and luster gold, temp. 1260°C.

Being born and raised in Italy, can sometimes mean – for us artists- feeling the weight of our history. Especially living in Faenza, one can certainly feel the influence of our last 1000 years of tradition. And it is precisely for this reason that one must leave their own tradition and put themselves out there. As a ceramic artist, I have developed some personal techniques, mainly working with porcelain and experimenting with paper clay. In the last few years, I have reached a rewarding level of control of these specific techniques and I have even started teaching them in workshops around the world. My way of working is not traditional. My objective has been to create a lightness in ceramics- not only regarding weight but also visually. Crespines are finely shaped majolica bowls made in Faenza around the 16th and 17th centuries, and were used in European royal courts as luxury items. I started revisiting these bowls for a new collection of porcelain paper clay objects. A large part of my work is dedicated to installations, I like to play with the spaces in which my pieces are going to be inserted and I like to create a connection with the viewers.

Descrizione Personale: 

Born in Faenza, Italy; Member of IAC, International Academy of Ceramics, UNESCO, Geneva. Degree Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna. Professor of Design, Istituto d’Arte per la Ceramica “Ballardini” (State School of Ceramics) in Faenza 1979 – 2017. Its concept is based on the lightness and immateriality of porcelain and advanced ceramic materials also by means of optical fiber and leds light installations. She is currently showing and competing in Italy and abroad (China, France, Spain, India, Slovenia, Russia, South Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, USA), winning awards and acknowledgments, the most prestigious being the Silver Prize, The 4th World Ceramic Biennale 2007 Korea International Competition.

Nata a Faenza, Italia; Membro di IAC, Accademia Internazionale di Ceramica, UNESCO, Ginevra. Laurea all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna. Docente di Design, Istituto d’Arte per la Ceramica “Ballardini” (Scuola Statale di Ceramica) di Faenza 1979 – 2017. Il suo concept si basa sulla leggerezza e immaterialità della porcellana e dei materiali ceramici avanzati anche mediante fibra ottica e luce led installazioni. Attualmente espone e gareggia in Italia e all’estero (Cina, Francia, Spagna, India, Slovenia, Russia, Corea del Sud, Australia, Taiwan, Giappone, USA), vincendo premi e riconoscimenti, il più prestigioso è il Silver Prize, The 4th World Ceramic Biennale 2007 Korea International Competition.