Asociación Kuyan Kuyan Warmi Kuna

 Nome e Cognome: Asociación Kuyan Kuyan Warmi Kuna: Clementina Malaver, Katic García , Kuyan Warmi, Lucia Taimal, Samir Valencia
Provenienza: Artesanía Kichwa de Pastaza, Ecuador
Titolo dell’opera: Tinajas kichwa / Uchumanga kichwa / Guayusamanga kichwa / Olla
Dimensioni dell’opera: “no disponibile”
Tecnica e/o descrizione dell’opera:

Tinajas kichwa: Vases with natural pigments from the Amazonian Kichwa culture.

Uchumanga kichwa: Pot to prepare a traditional Amazonian dish with chilli (uchu). Made with the smoking technique.

Guayusamanga kichwa: Pot to prepare the traditional guayusa water of the Amazon. Made with the smoking technique.

Different objects made by the Kichwa women of Pastaza, excellent quality craftsmanship, made with the same techniques and materials they have been using for hundreds of years. Each object tells a story, is charged with the identity and meanings of this people living in the Amazon.These ceramics belong to several women of the community of Canelos, a land of ceramic women.

Descrizione Personale: 

“no disponibile”