Fatemeh Pouryousefi

 Nome e Cognome: Fatemeh Pouryousefi
Provenienza: Tehran, Iran
Titolo dell’opera: Michka Tea set
Dimensioni dell’opera: “no disponibile”
Tecnica e/o descrizione dell’opera:  Michka means sparrow in Māzandarānian language in Iran.

I want to explain my artwork. It is a kettle and a teapot representing a thirsty mother and sparrow baby. You can tell by the shape of the spout which is the spout of the kettle and the teapot. I was inspired by the sparrows and the way they drink water to quench their thirst. We too do the same and drink tea to quench our thirst. The reason why tea is brewed over a period of time and in a teapot and kettle in my culture is important for several reasons. It has to do with taste, color and aroma. There is a whole culture behind tea and tea drinking.

Descrizione Personale: 

Fatemeh Pouryousefi graduated in Handicrafts with an academic orientatiion in Ceramics wich Master in Islamic Arts an academic orientation in Comparative Studies.

Fatemeh Pouryousef è Laureata in Artigianato con orientamento accademico in Ceramica con Master in arti islamiche un orientamento accademico in studi comparativi.