Hanna Hagstrom

 Nome e Cognome: Hanna Hagström Ohlén
Provenienza: Stockholm, Sweden
Titolo dell’opera: Vase – Vaso
Dimensioni dell’opera: 50 cm
Tecnica e/o descrizione dell’opera: Water is a symbol of life och for our lives. We drink water as water and in different shapes and We use water to do things every day!
Descrizione Personale: 

Born 1970 in Gothenburg , Artist & Ceramic artist.
• Formakademin, Lidköping, Sweden
• University of Gothenburg, Teacher Training College in Sweden and Norway
• University of Gothenburg, Department of Archeology
• Florence Academy, Florence, Italy
Together with UR – Utbildningsradion in the TV series “All the senses allowed”.
Four TV programs that showed the importance of creativity in learning processes, I participated in the TV episode “Is it possible to develop teaching with the help of aesthetic subjects?”
•Public assignments for, among others, the Röhsska Design Museum in Gothenburg.