Maryam kiaghadi

 Nome e Cognome: Maryam Kiaghadi
Provenienza: Amol, Iran
Titolo dell’opera: Peace teapot – Teiera della pace
Dimensioni dell’opera: 16 x 8 x 10 cm
Tecnica e/o descrizione dell’opera: Hand modeled; engobed and crystalline.

My teapot takes inspiration from universal peace symbols; therefore the base color of the vase is white. The flowers on the teapot are the symbol of people of different cultures and ethnicities, all of which are covered with olive leaves, also a symbol of peace. The dove of peace is also placed above the teapot. My purpose in making this teapot is to one day realize that everyone drinks tea in a world without war.

Descrizione Personale: 

Textile engineering. Exhibition: Amol, 2019 Bontaj Cup exhibition, Amol 2019  Hajm exhibition, Amol, 2018 International Red Shoes exhibition, Italy, 2019. Various art courses including sculpture, crochet, intinction, drawing and etc..