Patricia Wouters

 Nome e Cognome: Patricia Wouters
Provenienza: Brasschaat, Belgium
Titolo dell’opera: Vulnarable, 2018
Dimensioni dell’opera: 30 x 30 x 7 cm
Tecnica e/o descrizione dell’opera: Paper porcelain fired in oxidation at 1250°C. Materials: paper, porcelain and organic materials.

“Vulnerability is a recurring theme in my work. I usually work with porcelain; the material itself radiates fragility through its essential qualities of whiteness, thinness and translucence.

This circle symbolizes the circle of life. The wafer-thin leaf in the opening is a metaphor for nature in general and how sensitive and vulnerable nature is. The impact of human intervention in nature is enormous and can be a threat if we do not consciously deal with it. This porcelain work wants to ask the spectator’s attention and confront us with the vulnerability of our ecosystem.”

Descrizione Personale: 

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