Sandra Ban

 Nome e Cognome: Sandra Ban
Provenienza: Croatia
Titolo dell’opera: Lost, 2020 
Dimensioni dell’opera: 20 x 25 x 30 cm 
Tecnica e/o descrizione dell’opera: Art culture is a work that starts from a concept of freedom.  Freedom is a great power and as such a great responsibility that is based on the perception of love, abstract but real, a powerful emotion, free but responsible as Woman-Mother-Earth. The Earth itself therefore has the global power to unite all humanity as the Divine Creator, supports, understands and gives unconditional love. Womens who unite with their Lands in Art are a future of peace and harmony. “ be! What you feel! All the pieces of old emotional experience deep into the body of the mental neuron, go out, let them go out..moving forward with their hand overcoming their path, transforming the victorious wave, new and old ideals, always for the same aim, trough the ground, into a grand, on the ground that still breathes –  alive. “ Sandra Ban
Descrizione Personale: 

Multidisciplinary artist active in art for 30 years. Completely dedicated to contemporary art in sculptural ceramics and high design. Member of “Croatian Art Society” and several other national and international associations.Art director, therapeutic art coach, founder of F.L.A.S.H.aARTh residence, collaborates with numerous organizations for the development of art and culture. He is the representative of the Ass. Pandora Artiste Ceramists based in Croatia. An award winning artist with numerous international awards, invited to many arts and ceramic symposia, competitions, exhibitions and festivals in Europe and beyond, America and Asia, her works can be found in museums, galleries, parks and private collections of contemporary art in the world.

Artista multidisciplinare attiva in arte da 30 anni. Completamente dedicata all’arte contemporanea nella ceramica scultorea e alto design. Membro di “Società d’Arte Croata” e diverse altre ass. nazionali e internazionali, svolge attività in qualità di direttore artistico, coach d’arte terapeutica, è fondatrice di F.L.A.S.H.a ARTh residence e collabora con numerose org. a favore dello sviluppo dell’arte e della cultura. E’ rappresentante dell’Ass. Pandora Artiste Ceramiste sede Croazia. Premiata artista con numerosi riconoscimenti internazionali, invitata in molti simposi di arte e ceramica, concorsi, mostre e festival in Europa e oltre, America e Asia, le sue opere si trovano in musei, gallerie, parchi e collezioni private di arte contemporanea nel mondo