Serena Cattaneo

 Nome e Cognome: Serena Cattaneo
Provenienza: Montesarchio, Italy

Partecipazione Matres

Titolo dell’opera: S3G@, 2018
Dimensioni dell’opera: “no disponibile” 
Tecnica e/o descrizione dell’opera:  Installation – Bas-relief on plexiglass base, metal enamels, natural waxes, nylon and metal tubes.

The work is divided into various elements on more than one level, thus creating suggestive shadows also given the transparency of the base. Considering my maternal origins, the subject I interpreted visibly has essential elements: the face of the protagonist left in natural waxed terracotta that emerges from a walnut, her dark hair woven like a weft, bristly like sorghum illuminated by the metallic reflection of a full and bright moon at the top of the picture. At his feet, the deepest and redest chakra of the carnal and mystical sexual act. At the external base, albeit tied by nylon, the metal tubes intone a chord of C # at 432 hz, that is the natural vibration of the earth and its planets. The alchemical touch of natural stones that represent the 4 elements. She is my WITCH.

Partecipazione Artè

Titolo dell’opera: Travel – Il viaggio, 2019-2020 
Dimensioni dell’opera: 25 x 22 x 15 cm
Tecnica e/o descrizione dell’opera: Mixed technique: Paperclay, mokume-gane style refractory clays. Enamels, crystalline, glass fusing.
Descrizione Personale: 

He graduated in sculpture, worked in the workshop of artists of international caliber. He created his own laboratory and its own brand, experimenting and transforming various plastic materials. After twenty years of experience comes to the Pandora association.

Si diploma in scultura, fa bottega da artisti di calibro internazionale .Crea un proprio laboratorio ed un suo brand sperimentando e trasformando svariate materie plastiche. Dopo un’esperienza ventennale approda all’associazione Pandora.