Stefania De Rosa

 Nome e Cognome: Stefania De Rosa
Provenienza: Arzano, Italy

Partecipazione Matres

Titolo dell’opera: Nina’s journey – Il viaggio di Nina, 2020 
Dimensioni dell’opera: 50 x 80cm
Tecnica e/o descrizione dell’opera:  Can you take a trip around a color? The blue “bruise” in the heads of Nina and her sisters I tell it. Without awareness of the evil, suffering and chaos that is contained in the Nigredo (black), one cannot reach the Albedo (white), where the new self-awareness, the project, the rebirth, the creative imagination are contained. It is precisely in those blues that white gains value. The latter, represented with cranes, is nothing more than the result of a liberation from darkness. Blue takes part in Nina’s life, he explains to her that there is nothing that is not necessary to live, that there is something essential in pain, if seen as a value.

Partecipazione Artè

Titolo dell’opera: Les Hirondelles, 2020
Dimensioni dell’opera: ø 10 x 6 cm – ø 22 x 15 cm
Tecnica e/o descrizione dell’opera: Modeled in colombino, plate and thumb. Engobed and crystal clear.


Descrizione Personale: 

Architect – archaeological surveyor. He attended various courses over the years and learned different manipulation techniques: a colombino, a slab, a thumb and a lathe course for two years. Its forms have no other claim than to express itself. And the signs I leave on the object are the fruit of love for the story. Clay stories.

Architetto – rilevatore archeologico. Ha frequentato vari corsi nel corso degli anni e ha appreso diverse tecniche di manipolazione: a colombino, a lastra, a pollice e per due anni un corso di tornio. Le sue forme non hanno altra pretesa che di esprimere sé stessa. E i segni che lascio sull’oggetto sono il frutto dell’amore per il racconto. Storie di argilla.