Suh Hye Soo

 Nome e Cognome: Suh Hye Soo
Provenienza: Seoul, South Korea
Titolo dell’opera: COM Lines, 2020
Dimensioni dell’opera: 360 x 360 x 30 mm
Tecnica e/o descrizione dell’opera:  Unlike the lines of the previous collections, this collection, through dripping slopes, consists of “the lines that are created by destiny”. The lines that have been laid down show the uncovered natural flow as is and produce severance and ties. The lines are driven to the direction of intention but the image of final lines is decided by earth’s viscosity and gravity. Wherever they passed by, the lines are created with different thickness and the appearances.The commitment of molding the most independent and natural lines, was created by the beauty of freedom and fate that resisted against formality. This determination birthed a new sovereign inlay.
Descrizione Personale: 

Ph. D. from Ewha Womans University Graduate School

– Graduated from Ewha Womans University, master’s degree in design at Ewha Womans University

– 10 times Solo Exhibition (Seoul, Beijing, Tokyo, Osaka)

– More than 120 times Invitation and Group Exhibition (Oisterwijk, Hangzhou, Jingdezhen, New Caledonia, etc.)

– Presently, Lecturer of Dankook University